Monday, July 14, 2014

Vacation - Good Eats

There is nothing better than vacation food.  We started at our favorite roadside BBQ shack near Gettysburg for pulled pork and milkshakes.

But the REAL fun started in New London, Connecticut.  Because it was LOBSTER ROLL time!  Thank you, Captain Scott's Lobster Dock.  The perfect food:

I only really cooked once at the beach house.  I made a big pot of corn and crab chowder, which was good for several meals.

Dinner time on our little porch.

But, back to the lobster.  There was post bike-ride Lobster Mac-n-Cheese at Seafood Sam's.

In Provincetown, there was AMAZING lobster bisque and lobster ravioli at the Lobster Pot.

There was a Lobster Newberg Benny at the 6A Cafe in Sandwich, which was great until I got a gritty bite.

And there was more bisque at Captain Kidd in Wood's Hole.

And, we couldn't pass up THIS opportunity.  It was, um, weird.

We had donuts from a shack in Dennis, MA.  

We had sandwiches in Sandwich at Cafe Chew (Sandwich's Sandwichery).

We were glad to know the Sandwich Police were nearby, in case of any pickle or mustard incidents.

There was ice cream with cousins at the Ice Cream Sandwich in Sandwich.

And finally, a Dark and Stormy on a dark and stormy day, while watching the sailboats and the World Cup and waiting for hurricane Arthur to arrive.

Oh my gosh I love fresh New England seafood.  It's right up there with food from New Orleans.  And a whole week with almost no cooking is OK with me.  

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