Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What's Worse than Catching Mouse Number Four?

Wanna know?  OK.  Here's what's worse:

THINKING you caught mouse number four, only to discover that mouse number four just triggered the trap but wasn't ACTUALLY caught and is therefor still at large, waiting to scurry over my feet at any moment.

Things to be happy about:

1.  The knitting classes I taught last night were so much FUN, and my students left happy and confident.  Yay!

2.  Tomorrow will be way less hot than today.

3.  I screened a shirt today.  And Friday, I will teach kids to screen shirts.  My shirt is about knitting.

4.  Project Runway Season 13 starts tomorrow.

5.  Ice Cream.

6.  A whole weekend with NO PLANS.

7.  My Hall and Oates Pandora station, which is GREAT as long as you are standing by to "thumbs down" any Huey Lewis or Phil Collins nonsense.

I think I'll go listen to it now...

1 comment:

Gye Greene said...

Rent a cat?

In our old house, our corgi actually caught a mouse. (Caught a lizard or two, also -- which was sad.)