Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Here We Go

Thanks to the miracle of inkjet iron-on transfers, Daphne has a Texas Rangers shirt just in time for Game One. She wore it proudly to school today, and showed it off to all the kids, who looked at her like she was an alien because of course none of them know what the Texas Rangers are. Daphne didn't care. She has her antlers up and she's ready for a little Cliff Lee tonight. I think all the World Series excitement has her adrenaline up, because today at swimming, she willingly JUMPED OFF THE SIDE OF THE POOL! All the mommies cheered and I gave her a big thumbs up, but I should have given her the claw. I almost cried, I was so proud. Maybe she'll actually learn to swim this year.

I am ready for the Series too. I have cast on the world's easiest knitting project to keep me calm during the games. Big fat needles. Nice squooshy yarn. Let's go, Rangers!


Christina said...

You were quite proud, understandably, of Daphne! I think it's all that peer pressure that gets them to step outside their comfort zone.

Regarding the Rangers, I'm sorry they're not doing so well. I kinda wish we were still in CA right now cause it would be fun to experience the Giants' fever!

Gye Greene said...

Dang! Them's HUUUGE needles!!!

TX Rangers: Sorry, but because I'm not a baseball person, my first thought is the "real" Texas Rangers -- 1800s law enforcement guys.

(Oh, wait: I guess they must still be around -- Walker, Texas Ranger.)