Monday, November 01, 2010


So, my computer has a virus and the internet won't work.  I am blogging from Kev's computer which is no fun at all because I can't post pictures. 

Halloween was great.
The Rangers lost the World Series but are still awesome.
Mondo lost Project Runway but is still awesome.
I finished knitting my black World Series scarf.  Perhaps black was not the best color choice.
I am looking forward to getting to bed earlier now that baseball is over.
I heard the Old 97s twice during World Series broadcasts.
The great Morning Benders have a song on a commercial, I think it is for Reece's PB cups.
I find the Direct TV commercial with the dart gun very disturbing.
I will probably be away from here until I can blog from my computer.
Back soon, I hope.


Gye Greene said...

Sorry to hear. Viruses (virii?) suck.

Black scarf: Well, goes with everything. And you can wrap it over your face, wear a low-slung fedora, and be mysterious.

Why can't you post pics from K's computer?


Kathy said...

Did you try to do a system restore to before you had the virus? I've done that a couple of times for people and it worked.