Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Grits Talk and a New Poll

So, according to the poll, 3 of you love grits, 2 hate them, 5 think they're OK, and 3 have never had them. I, as you know, am one of the three who LOVES grits. AND HOW! Admittedly, though, grits need a lot of help. Haters of grits probably haven't ever had good ones. Grits tip #1: DON'T get them at a diner. They will be paste-y and tasteless. Grits tip #2: You can't go wrong with cheese. And bacon doesn't hurt.

Pictured above are creamy cheddar and bacon grits in a cast iron skillet. Serve with some spicy shrimp and a green vegetable of your choice, and there you go.

If you are on the fence about grits, here are some places to go get good ones. Locally, try the shrimp and grits at Tuskies. Delicious. Or come to my house and I'll make you some. If you know anywhere else, please let me know. In Dallas, you can get awesome grits at Hattie's in Bishop Arts, or at the Dream Cafe. House of Blues has good ones too, on their Sunday Gospel Brunch, which is really fun.

Today I found out about a place in Dallas called Good 2 Go Tacos. They have sausage biscuits and gravy tacos. That's right. As well as other very inventive tacos which are less evil, all made with fresh local ingredients, I think. Plus, inside is a coffee bar. I must go there as soon as possible. If anyone goes, please report.

OK, as promised, a new poll on the right. Please vote. And give grits a chance. You won't be sorry.


Gye Greene said...

Gah! We finally get our internet reconnected -- and then you stop blogging!!! ;)


Tara said...

Just needed to find some time, GG. But it's nice to be missed.