Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day Weekend of Fun

 Well, our big holiday weekend is about to come to a close.
It was a good one.
We got to spend time with my grandma.
We went to breakfast at Eggspectation.

 I made homemade vanilla ice cream
and added smashed up Thin Mints.
 Daphne made a book store for her dogs and
read them a whole story.  By herself.
 Kev painted the dining room.
It is my favorite place in the house.
And my Christmas flowers bloomed! 
Thanks, Uncle Pat.

There was also turtle feeding, couch shopping (failed), hot dogs, a movie (The Town), a Daphne/Daddy date to Sport Bounce, a Northern Flicker sighting, and lots of playing outside.  At the moment, it's cold outside and smells like snow.  Winter's Last Stand.  I am sleepy, and I haven't taken my Project 365 picture for today, so I better go do that.  Hope your weekend was good.

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Christina said...

Oh! Good idea to add Thin Mints! I'll have to try that!