Monday, February 07, 2011

The Mysterious Wongee

Above is a Wongee. The little circles are bubbles. The big black circle is his hole, and the bump is the dirt pile from digging the hole. Wongees are purple sea creatures (or sometimes blue) with six tentacles. Most of them live in the Pacific Ocean, but there are a few Atlantic Wongees. They eat seaweed and rocks. They do not chew the rocks, they swallow them whole. They are about the same size as a tricycle. They don't bite. The purple ones are very friendly. The blue ones are very shy. When they play, they flap their two top arms. Wongees get big muscles from eating seaweed. Seaweed is a lot like Swiss chard for Wongees. They turn black when they are afraid or angry. From Daphne.

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Gye Greene said...

OMG -- that is **brilliant**.

There's a children's book in there.