Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Love the Library

I love libraries. And we are lucky to have an especially great local one. Yesterday, for the first time, I decided to take Daphne to the Teen Reading Buddy program they have on Monday afternoons. I've never taken her before because of naps, but naps seem to be a thing of the past for us, sadly. Anyway, on Mondays at 4:30, kids age 3-6 can go sit with a teenager and read. That's right. A real live teenager. Daphne is sort of obsessed with teenagers, so she was really excited when I told her we were going.

Also, yesterday afternoon, the library was hosting a speaker who is an Iditarod racer. She brought her sled and one of her dogs. If there is one thing Daphne is more in awe of than teenagers, it's huskie dogs. When I told her she might also get to see a real live huskie dog, she was beside herself. A teenager AND a huskie. It was all just too much.

The times of the two activities conflicted a little, but we were able to see the beginning of the sled dog presentation, go to Reading Buddies for about 45 minutes, and then head back to the presentation room for the end of the discussion. Daphne must have hugged me at least four different times and said "This is SO. AWESOME. Mommy."

Above is Daphne with her buddy, Steven (we picked him because of his orange hair), who was about the sweetest teenager I've ever met. He read her a bunch of stories, and at the end, she read an easy one to him. I waited outside the reading room and read magazines. By myself. In complete peace! I love Reading Buddies!

Below is Daphne with Borage the sled dog. It was really dark in the room, so it isn't a great picture, but you can tell how happy she is. The dog was beautiful, and surprisingly small. He was really calm and great with all the kids. I sorta want a huskie dog.

After we got home, it took Daphne a little while to come down from her library adventure high. Ah, the simple joys of being four.

Unrelated: Ok, according to the poll at the time I'm writing this post, 11 people have voted. I am happy to know that I am not crazy or a bad mommy. TEN of you have never heard of all this leprechaun business either. One of you HAS. Who are you? I need more information. Are you Irish? Do you live on my street? Because thus far, that's the only common thread I have found between the two families who rocked Daphne's world the other day. Please email me so we can discuss this.

OK, off to start our Tuesday. I'm afraid it will never live up to yesterday's greatness at the library, so I've got my work cut out for me. Wish me luck.


Christina said...

Wow! The Teen-Reading activity sounds like a lot of fun. I'm not sure how I'd manage that with the baby. But, L still naps so I guess that also poses a problem. But, I love the idea. Maybe someday. Do you know if they'll have it during the summer? Maybe in the mornings?

chickpchick said...

It is I! Every year the Kindergarten classes in my school get ravaged by leprechauns. This year they left Jackson green milk, green skittles and some coloring pages.