Sunday, March 20, 2011


We have spent the majority of the weekend outside. At last...three delightful days in a row. Since it's supposed to be getting cold again this week, I wanted to be outside as much as possible. Friday after school, we scootered down the trail to a friend's house for a picnic and playdate with a bunch of Daphne's school friends. The kids had a big time eating and then riding scooters and bikes in the driveway.
Half of the kids at this table required band-aids before the day was over.
Saturday we were busy with cleaning and errands. In the evening, we got to see the so-called Super Moon. It was a bit of a letdown, to be honest. I didn't think it was all that super. Some friends came over for a little band time, which was really fun. We definitely need to make that happen more often. The music sounded pretty good for a bunch of people who hardly ever play together. Daphne debuted her "Chicken Number Nine" song, which was a hit. I reckon we'll record it eventually.

This morning, we walked down to Shoes for breakfast, and then took a walk to the playground. I took advantage of some photo ops along the way.

And this afternoon, we went to Sunset Hills Vinyards, which we've never visited even though it's 12 minutes from our house.
It was a nice winery, but not our favorite. Too many restrictions! If you bring your own food, which we always do, they won't let you eat inside, so we had a picnic lunch even though it was a little chilly. Just as well. It was peaceful, and we saw a cool hawk. The rest of my family is having naptime now. I don't think Daphne is asleep, although she has to be exhausted. Tomorrow is Pajama Day at her school. If it was up to me, every day would be pajama day.

Just wondering if any of you have the St. Patrick's Day tradition where a leprechaun supposedly comes to your house and leaves chocolate gold coins and stuff all around. A couple of the neighbor kids were asking Daphne what the leprechauns left for her, which was NOTHING, because I have never ever heard of this before. Daphne was really mad. "Why didn't the leprechaun come to OUR house, Mom?" I didn't have a clue what to say. I told her maybe it was because we forgot to set a trap. (The other kids were talking about the traps they set.) What is all this about?! Is this something new? Is it a Virginia thing? Why wasn't I told? I felt so bad for Daphne. She really felt left out. But I just didn't know! There are no leprechauns in Texas! Anyway, I have added a poll to the sidebar regarding this. Please vote. Thanks.

I hear a lot of thumping upstairs, so I better go investigate. Maybe its the leprechauns, making up for lost time. I hope your weekend has been good, wherever you are.

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