Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend - In Cinemascope

I found a new photo editing toy and put all the pictures from this post in cinema-scope.  Just because. Go here to play around.

Father's Day weekend started with a visit to Breaux Vinyard for their annual Cajun Festival.  It was a really nice day to sit under a tree and enjoy being outside. 

We got to sample some wine, eat Cajun food, and take Daphne on a hayride.  Can someone please remind me why hayrides are supposed to be fun?  I was hot and itchy and couldn't wait for it to be over.  I don't think Daphne loved it either.  But still.  In all, it was a good day out.  I have to say, though, I think I enjoy the wineries more when there is not a big event going on.

Saturday afternoon, I used the last of the blueberries in a clafoutis.  It was very tasty and not overly sweet.  Time to get more blueberries.

On Sunday morning, Daphne and I surprised Kev with a Daddy and Me cooking class at Cookology.  They made Crispy Chocolate French Toast and Candied Bacon while I wandered around the mall.  Alone.  I was happy that Daphne, who is completely against French Toast, cooked some, tried it, and loved it.  I've said it before, if they cook it, they will eat it.  I think Kev really enjoyed the class.  Cookology is such a great place.  I want to do one of the adult classes sometime.  Hint hint.  If anyone needs any birthday ideas.

 In the afternoon, we drove down to Manassas for a cookout, minigolf, and ice cream at Nathan's Dairy Bar.

It's been forever since I've had a cheeseburger, and it was great.  All the food was good.  The golf was very entertaining (Daphne has a unique style) and the ice cream was a perfect ending.  That Nathan's is apparently the place to be in Manassas.  I swear the line was at least 50 people long, but it went fast, and since it was Father's Day, all the daddies got free ice cream.  I think Leesburg needs a Nathan's.  Maybe that's my ticket to not having to go back to the world of Speech Pathology.  

So, Happy Father's Day to Kev and my dad and all the other good daddies out there.  I hope yours was as good as ours.

One other quick item of good news:  my Uncle Danny got sprung from his physical rehab facility for a day, to go to my Aunt Kathy's for his own Father's Day cookout.  He said he felt like he was getting out of jail.  I think the field trip went well and cheered him up quite a bit.  Maybe this means he'll be able to go home soon.  Yay!

Now it's Monday.  Daphne starts her new swimming class today, and we're going to the library because they're kicking off their summer reading club program.  There is laundry to do, messes to clean, and groceries to buy.  Plus, I want to start deep-cleaning a room a la Emily.  I need to make a list.  I think that will help. 

It's supposed to get pretty hot again this week.  All the more reason to stay inside and clean.  Happy Monday!


Gye Greene said...

I like Kevin's outfit. He wouldn't look out of place as a guitarist in The Counting Crows.


Tara said...

Kev is sometimes known as "Captain Fashion."