Monday, June 27, 2011

Scenes from the Weekend

We didn't stray too far from home this weekend, and it was nice.
We tried to put our farmer's market items and recent haul of blueberries to good use.
Friday, we had cherries with vanilla whipped cream for dessert. Simple and so good.
Saturday night, we had dinner with friends. There was delicious grilled meat and corn on the cob. You can't beat fresh corn in the summertime. AND there was homemade oreo ice cream. Yep.
Sunday morning, there were blueberry pancakes (Kerbey Lane!). Banana ones for Daphne. For some reason, she's against the blueberry ones. Especially when she's in a mood.

After breakfast, Kev took Daphne on a nice long hike to improve her mood:

and so I could have some time to tackle this:

The office before (above) was a disorganized disaster with piles of stuff everywhere.
The office after (below) is nice and neat.

Now that I can get to my desk, I have big plans. I have decided that when Daphne has summer camp in July, I am going to have my own summer camp here at home. But more on that later.

I also cleaned out Daphne's closet this weekend, and started working on the closet in the master bathroom. Thanks to Emily's awesome blog for the great inspiration.

Sunday night, there was grilled meat:

and roasted summer vegetables:

All of the food we ate last night came from the Farmer's Market. That makes me happy.

So it was a good weekend of food and cleaning. Daphne tried a couple new foods, and the house is getting in shape. Now it's Monday. I'm eating breakfast:

and a bunny just hopped past the window.
It's quiet here. Daphne is still asleep. And my coffee tastes extra good for some reason.
So, time to get back to the routine. Laundry, errands, swimming lessons, and so forth. But I intend to spend a little time at my desk today. Because I can.

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Gye Greene said...

Hoo-boy! If that's "disorganized", you'd **faint** if you saw our home office.

Nicely done, though. Good tidying. :)

Nice lookin' grilled veggies, too.