Friday, July 01, 2011

Half-Way There

Well, 2011 is half-way over. Hard to believe. There have been highlights, including a weekend with Kev in DC, Easter in NY, sledding, Daphne's birthday and preschool graduation, homemade ravioli and boeuf bourguignon, Elvis Costello, berry-picking adventures, going to see the Rangers, watching the Mavs win the championship, and eating meals on the porch. There have been accomplishments like getting several rooms in the house painted, getting a new couch, cooking more with Daphne, remembering to take a picture every single day so far, reading more often, and Daphne sort of learning to swim. There have been low-lights, like ants, squirrels in the wall, and my uncle's accident. There are things I didn't get to do, like knitting and sewing. But there is still half a year to go to do that. And there is a lot to look forward to in the second half, so bring it on.

I'll be back after our trip with tales from the 4th of July, Indiana style. Have a good and safe week, and please don't do stupid stuff with your fireworks. You'll shoot your eye out!

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