Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hot Hot Weekend

This weekend it was hot.  Luckily, there was a birthday party on Saturday at the ice rink.  So much fun.  And it was cold in there.  I want to go again.

There was also Sunday brunch at the Market Table Bistro in Lovettsville.  Notice the little hand above that cannot resist the plate of sweet bread long enough for me to take a picture.  Great food, great service.  I highly recommend it.  They even have a little herb garden in the back.  Daphne took our picture there.

There were also the long-awaited toasted marshmallow milkshakes.  I have to say it was a bit of a let-down.  WAY too sweet.  I think I should have used fewer marshmallows and really burned them to get the charred taste.  Live and learn.  That being said, we all three drank them all up.  And they looked really pretty.

 We are into Week 2 of Summer Camp now, and I am continuing the pursuit of Total Home Organization.  I organized the bathroom closet and threw away a giant bag of expired medicine and old half-empty bottles of hotel sample-size shampoos and lotions.  It looks so much better, and it's much easier to find stuff in there now.  If only the towels matched.

And I have also been working on the sitting room mantle.  I think I like it.  I want to light the candles tonight and see how it looks.  It's definitely an improvement.  I am thinking I'd like to have a small rug in there, and a floor lamp.  And if Kev can fix the fireplace pilot light thing, there will be some knitting by the fire getting done this winter.  Woohoo!

I went to a card-making class with my friend Suzanne last night (thank you Suzanne!).  It was really fun.  I sort of got into a groove while I was there and it was very relaxing.  So I was awake early this morning thinking about card design ideas.  I wish my brain had an OFF switch sometimes.

Three more days of camp, and I'm not sure how to spend them.  I'll figure something out.

Project Runway starts Thursday!  And friends from Texas arrive NEXT Thursday!  And my birthday is coming.  And New York.  It's gonna be a Big August. 


Gye Greene said...

Good job on the continued progress.


Emily said...

Hey - I am cleaning out a bathroom closet too - I'm already on my second trash bag, and still have the medicine chest to go!!!

Can't wait to see you!