Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Proud Moment

This morning at Daphne's school, they had Muffins with Moms.  Students' dads volunteered to serve muffins and coffee to kids and their moms before school.  Daphne insisted that we dress exactly alike, so I also wore tie-dye and a denim jacket.  It won't be long before dressing like me is the LAST thing Daphne wants to do, so I went along with it.  We looked really cool as I'm sure you can imagine.

When we got to school, I noticed that the principal's copy of Daphne's variety show poem was hung up in the display case.  Since I now have a phone that has a camera, I was able to take a picture and email it to myself!  I am so modern!  Daphne was really proud, as you can see.

I didn't eat any of the school muffins, although they looked really good.  I am on Day 2 of a gluten-free experiment.  Luckily, my friend Jill baked some gluten free banana muffins and brought me some of them.  They were great!  So I got to have a muffin after all.  So far, I don't really mind being gluten free, although I could really go for a bagel.  I am going to try to knit when I start craving bread.  We'll see how it goes.  I will probably get a LOT of knitting done.

I love Daphne's school.  Later in the year, they will have Donuts with Dads.  I think I am on juice duty.  Should be a good time.

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jilly donuts said...

LOVE that they hung her poem!!! What a nice surprise for her, and for you and your new phone.

So we were good with muffins, but donuts are far harder to resist...