Monday, May 13, 2013

The Best Kind of Not Slow

Big Thing Number Two is in the books.  Our first Girl Scout camping trip was a big success in spite of heavy rain and thunder, moms who don't like bugs, and the most terrible cots in the world.

The good news about the rain is that most of it happened while we were (theoretically) sleeping on the terrible cots, so during our waking hours, we mostly just had to contend with mud and wet firewood.

The girls didn't mind a bit.  I wish I could post pictures of them because they are so dang cute, but it's probably bad manners to post pictures of other people's children on the internet, so this will have to do:

They are all gathered 'round because of this:

A toad!  How cool.  They all wanted to hold it.  These are tough girls.  I should tell you that they all wanted to help clean the latrines too.   I know the next household chore Daphne is going to be learning!

Speaking of Daphne, here she is holding a worm, which she named "Petals":

And here she is holding a s'more (I hope she washed her hands):

And here she is at the end of the camp-out, completely exhausted but complaining that she didn't want to go home, and could we please stay one more night:

Is it bad manners to post pictures of other people's moms on the internet?  Because I'm going to. We handed over our cameras to the kids and let them take a group shot of us.  Oh, that Mrs. Ramey!  Always with the bunny ears!

It was a Mother-Daughter camp, and I am so pleased that we had 100% troop participation, girls and moms.  It was exhausting, but so much fun, and all agreed that we must do it again.  I'm calling it a success.  I have the very best troop.

I went home, took the best shower of my life, and slept the best I have slept in ages.  I awoke to the delightful smell of German apple pancakes with whipped cream and raspberries and sausage and coffee.  Mother's Day Rules!

I got some nice gifts, including Pink Martini tickets and a coupon for a free story to be read to me by Daphne:

And in the afternoon, we took a road trip out to Skyline Drive for a picnic.

I can't believe that less than an hour from my house there are mountains.  I love Dallas, but look at how pretty it is here.

Anyway, thanks to Kev and Daphne for a great Mother's Day and for spoiling me and making me feel appreciated.  It was really fun.  I'm calling it a success.  I have the very best family.

Today, I have some catching up to do.  Laundry, cleaning, groceries, etc.  Mother's Day is over and it's time to get back to reality.  But with Big Thing 2 complete, I have less brain clutter and should be able to maintain a groove.  I am even thinking of doing a gluten free meal plan this week.  Off to face my Monday!

PS  Happy Mother's Day to all Moms who read this.  You are awesome.

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