Monday, May 06, 2013

Definitely Not Slow

A busy week ended with a busy weekend.  Trainings, play dates, camp meetings, Daisies, dress rehearsals...there was something extra going on every day last week.  There are a lot of Big Things going on as the school year starts to wind down, and they all seem to require planning, time, meetings, and/or projects.  The first of the Big Things is behind us now...the Catoctin Elementary School Variety Show was Friday night.  The kids have been rehearsing (and I have been volunteering) for the last 4 weeks in preparation for what turned out to be a really great show.  Daphne wrote and recited a poem about her school, but after signing up she began to regret it.  She was really nervous, and I don't blame her!  She had to get up on a big stage by herself in front of a big audience at the middle school auditorium.  But, although she complained - a lot - she stuck it out and did a fantastic job.  I would show you the video, but I don't have one because my camera failed to focus.  I don't even have a picture of her on the stage.  But, my mom took the one above of Daphne right after she finished her act.  She was so proud and so relieved.  And I was proud of her - she faced her fear and was awesome.  Way to go, Peanut.

Saturday afternoon, Daphne went to a three-hour bounce house birthday party.  And Saturday night, she had a camp-out in the back yard with her daddy:

This was her first time spending the night outside in a tent.  She LOVED it.  They read mystery stories and made shadow puppets, and Kev said that once she fell asleep she didn't move all night long.  That's what three hours of bouncing and sleeping in the fresh air will do to you I guess.

On Sunday, Daphne went to ANOTHER three-hour bounce house birthday party.  This time, there was also a trampoline.

While she was bouncing, my friend Jill came over to help me with a project for Big Thing number 2:  the girl scout camping trip next weekend.  We made camping t-shirts with our troop number on the back to surprise all the girls, and they are awesome:

Also, for Big Thing 2, Daphne needs SWAPs, so we worked on those this weekend too.  An unfinished pile of felt S'mores, to fit the camp-out theme:

Once I get through this camping trip, I have to start focusing on the Daisies' Bridging Ceremony (where they become Brownies), and Daphne's birthday (where she becomes SEVEN).  Big Things.  All really fun Big Things, but I will be glad when the time comes to get slow again.

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Camping in back yard: Ooh! We should do that...! :)