Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Blog

Father's Day weekend started with meatloaf. I SO did not want to make meatloaf on Friday, but I did and it was good and the best part was that Daphne liked it and ate it all up and dinnertime was very pleasant. Saturday morning, we drove to Herndon for breakfast at the Silver Diner, where you have your own personal jukebox and there are good pancakes. There are NOT good grits, so I didn't make the mistake of ordering them this time. When we got home, we gave Kev his father's day gifts, part of which was having Daphne "outfitted." She came downstairs with a new backpack, kid binoculars, a flashlight (which broke immediately - thanks, WalMart), Adventure S'Mores Goldfish Crackers, and a bow on her head. She announced that she was "Ready For Adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and the plan was made to go on a hike the next day. To prepare for this, Kev and Daphne went to the attic to have a practice adventure in the teepee while I cleaned the house. Then, after naptime, we went bowling. After some initial fear and refusal to participate, Daphne really got into it:

She scored a 54. Not bad.
Dinner was meatloaf, part 2.
Sunday, we got up early, packed a lunch, and drove to Great Falls for Daphne's Father's Day Adventure Hike:

We saw a chipmunk, a hawk, several herons, some daddy long-legs, and a duck. Daphne was a real trooper and carried her backpack the whole time and didn't get cranky until the very end.

The falls were cool, the weather was pleasant, and all in all I'd say the adventure was a success. I look forward to the next one. Back at home, Daphne slept and Kev cut the grass. Dinner was grilled meat at the new Kabob place followed by Milwaukee frozen custard.
I am exhausted.
Today it is hot, and it is going to get hotter. It was nice this morning, so we took a short walk. But now it's hot and Daphne is upstairs NOT napping. I looked ahead in the forecast and saw 96 degrees on one of the upcoming days. It was bound to happen sooner or later. But I'm going to try not to complain too much, because we've had it pretty good so far. I mean, it's almost the end of June and I think it's only been in the 90s once or twice. I can handle that.
So, Happy Father's Day once again to Kev and my Dad and all the other good Dads out there. I hope you all had a nice day doing whatever it is you like doing. You deserve it.
I am now going to try to figure out the meal plan for the week, which may or may not include meatloaf. There is still some left...

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Gye Greene said...

One of the best parts of day hikes was having a walking stick: glad D was outfitted with one. :)