Monday, June 15, 2009


Haven't done this for a while, but Thing That Makes Me Happy Number Five is having orange shoes. These came in the mail today, an early birthday present from my mom and dad (Thanks!). I used to have these ones but I wore them out, and now they don't make them any more. Tip: If you find a favorite pair of shoes, maybe buy a back-up pair. I'd give anything to have done that. I loved those shoes. The new ones are cool too, and they can go in the water. They inspired me to suggest a family walk after dinner tonight, and I must say, they were very comfortable. Maybe I should order more for the sad day these have to be retired...

PS. We saw a very cute little rabbit on our walk.

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Gye Greene said...

That's a good suggestion, re; buying an extra pair. The Lady likes wearing sandals/strappy shoes -- but they have to have an enclosed toe box. Unfortunately, covered toes seems to go in and out of style -- so there will be periods of a few years where she can't find replacement summer sandals she likes.