Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hot Dog

Here is Daphne, ready to rock in her new Rocknoceros shirt. She got it for her birthday, along with their new CD. When we told her they came in the mail from Coach - along with an autographed sticker - she was beside herself. The dog in her hand was a gift from a little boy on the cul de sac named Sean. He is a "big kid" and Daphne follows him all around saying, "Sean, look at me do _____(whatever she happens to be doing)." The dog, after a couple of days of debate, was finally named Quincy. He goes with us everywhere. Today, he went with us to see Rocknoceros, but he had to wait in his doggie purse in the stroller. There was brief panic today at the mall when Coach was late getting to the show because he was volunteering in his son's kindergarten class. Every 30 seconds or so, I had to reassure Daphne that Coach was on his way. A great roar went up among the crowd when at last their be-whistled hero hit the stage. Preschool is out for the summer pretty much everywhere now, and I think half of Virginia's toddler population was at the show today. Daphne was pretty stressed out by the crowd, so she clung to me for most of the show, but she sang along a little and seemed to have fun. They are playing again next week, and several Thursdays this summer, but I don't know if I can take another Big Day at the Mall again so soon. I had to take a nap this afternoon.

Tomorrow is Daphne's "real" birthday at last, so I think we're taking her to see UP at the Tally Ho. We'll see if she can make it through the whole movie this time. We're going to have to be strategic with the popcorn. Movie review coming soon...

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Kathy said...

Daphne, you look really COOL in your new shirt!! Hope you had a great birthday. :)