Sunday, June 07, 2009

Three Thumbs UP

...and with this final blow, Daphne's Birthday Season 2009 officially ended. It went on for a long time, huh? But it was fun.

We took her to see UP on Friday. We were worried about what would happen when the popcorn ran out, but she sat through the entire movie and didn't even squirm. It was a really great movie, for kids and grown-ups, and I challenge any of you to make it through the whole thing without crying. Plus, it featured a colorful bird named Kevin, who turned out to be a girl, so we all enjoyed that. I give it an A.

The weekend was mostly about taking care of business. The house got cleaned, the lawn got mowed, the trees got trimmed, and the poison ivy is now gone. Hooray for Kev! As it turns out, some of the poison ivy was actually something called Box Elder, a common poison ivy imposter, so there wasn't as much yard peril as we originally thought.

Today, we loaded the Peanut in the Burley and took a family bike ride before it got too hot and gnatty, and tonight we had jambalaya for dinner. Now we are all exhausted. Just in time for Monday. Hope all y'all had a good weekend.

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Gye Greene said...

Happy birthday!

sounds like a productive weekend. :)