Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Black Birds and White Elephants

This is a pie bird. You put it in the center of your pie when it's baking to vent steam. I have big plans for this guy, especially since apple season is approaching quickly. Most pie birds are black because of the whole "Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie" thing (trivia courtesy Alton Brown). Thanks to Kim and Pat for noticing something that screamed me. (It must have been screaming loudly, too, because I'm pretty sure Pat couldn't see it.)
During our trip to the beach, the subject of downsizing Christmas on Kev's side of the family came up. After much discussion, some of it quite heated, we decided that the adults are going to do a white elephant gift exchange this year. I am pretty excited about this. As much as I enjoy giving and receiving gifts, none of us really need any more giant piles of stuff. So, this will be good. One gift, small spending limit. Perfect. Now, though, comes the hard part. The strategy. There are a few different paths I could take. I could get something really cool that everyone will want and fight over. I could get something really funny, but that nobody will actually want. Or I could be really devious and get something that only I would want, so that I end up with my own perfect gift for me. What to do? You would think that 4 months would be plenty of time to figure this out, but I started on Christmas last year at this time and didn't do a fraction of what I wanted to do. Granted I moved to a new house in a new state right before the holidays. This year I don't have that excuse. Time to get busy.
Meanwhile, my feet are in a tragic state of disrepair. I thought sand was supposed to be The Great Exfoliator. Well, it isn't. And something needs to be done. Perhaps someone will put a pedicure gift card in the White Elephant exchange! I can only think of one person I might have to battle for that. I won't name any names.


PartyWeDo said...

Great post.. We love the white elephant gift exchange for gift sharing as a family.
We have done it for the past 3-years online, so that even the distant family members can join in the fun.
We got so involved that we have built a Facebook application so that other families can play together.

Good luck with the party.

Gye Greene said...


We used to do the White Elephant thing at my dept. in graduate school. Loads of fun. :)

Items of clothing (T-shirts w/ cheezy sayings; **really** bad neckties; hats) were always popular, as were inexpensive musical instruments (e.g. egg shakers, maracas, $8 thrift store Casio keyboard).