Thursday, August 20, 2009

K Day

So, on Sunday night at bedtime, Kev and Daphne decided that Monday would be "K" Day. I have no idea why. But Monday morning, we came downstairs to find that various K's had been hidden around the playroom in the spirit this festive event. I decided to take the idea and run with it, so the day was dedicated to all things K. We made kites and keys and hung them around the house. We made crowns to wear at dinner (Kev was the King of K Day), and we had kebabs for dinner and key lime pie for dessert. This is thanks to WikiAnswers's "Foods that Start with K" page. All I could think of without the help of the internet was kiwi, ketchup, and kale. Yuck.

Daphne put on her fancy K day outfit:
I think the gloves are a nice touch.
Next time we have a made-up holiday, I hope I get to be in on the planning. I have some ideas...Pancake Day, Nap Day, Pedicure Day, Mommy Doesn't Have to Cook or do any Dishes Day, Breakfast All Day Day, No Diego Day, Hey What the Heck Let's Pack up the Car and go to Maine Day...

1 comment:

Gye Greene said...

Costume: The cape is a good look.

"No Diego Day": As in, Dora the Explorer's cousin? I much prefer Dora to Diego, I'm afraid (e.g. the backpack is **much** more versatile than a backpack that can only change into a small-to-midsized vehicle).