Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Winter of What?

You may remember that last winter was the Winter of Soup. It wasn't much of a Winter of Soup, as it only consisted of five soups, but it was a Winter of Soup nonetheless. So, last night, Kev asked me what this winter is going to be the winter of. I immediately said pie, because pie has been on my mind lately. And there WILL be pie, but I think this may also be the Winter of Bread.

I got this book (above) for my birthday last year, but I didn't get to use it because I lacked some of the equipment and then we moved and then I still lacked some of the equipment, plus our pizza stone didn't make it here in the move. So, this year for my birthday, I got a new pizza stone and I have decided to take some of the birthday money I got to get the rest of the stuff I need to get started. How could I possibly have a bad winter if the house smells like freshly baked bread every day?

So, this will be the Winter of Bread. And pie. Oh, what the heck...let's throw in some more soup too. I love winter. Bring it on.

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Gye Greene said...

Winter of Bread/Pie: Maybe "The Winter of Assorted Baked Goods"?

Pizza stone didn't make it in the move: Is there a story behind this?