Sunday, August 02, 2009

Cake and Ice Cream

So, Saturday was the last day of the Loudoun County Fair, and we went. We decided to go early to beat the crowds and the heat. I think we got there at around ten. Little did we know, they don't open the rides until 1:00. Ugh. So, we figured we'd walk around and see stuff and eat lunch and by then maybe the rides would be open. Petting zoo, magic show, pony ride, tractors, potty. Well, that killed about an hour. By the time we ate lunch, it was almost noon. Arts and crafts table (macaroni necklace!). Twelve-thirty. Half an hour to go.

We decided to go into the one air conditioned building to get out of the heat and see the arts and crafts and kill some time before getting some ice cream and hitting the "midway." At this point, I must tell you that this was the smallest, saddest fair I have ever been to. The arts and crafts were in a room about half the size of an elementary school cafeteria. Unfortunately, also in that room were the candidates in the 4H cake decorating competition. All on display on a table that was eye-level for a certain Peanut who cannot resist tasty treats. We should have known better than to put her down, but we did, with a "Do NOT touch the cakes" warning. Seconds later, Daphne was face-first in one of the cakes, ruining it completely. We left immediately. Luckily, the cake judging was already over. I hope she stuck her face in a winner.

Daphne cried all the way home. I felt sorta bad for her, but I felt worse for me. I didn't do anything naughty, but I lost my chance at ice cream and the Fun Slide. Maybe there is a Fun Slide at Ocean City. I hope so.

I think Kev felt bad for Daphne too, because he went to the grocery store later that day and came home with a box of pink, green, and brown cones and a bottle of rainbow sprinkles. Finally, today, Daphne made it through the day without getting in trouble, and we all enjoyed a be-sprinkled after dinner ice cream cone. She has been extra challenging lately. Think Veruca Salt. And as much as it pains us to take away priviliges (I had to take away QUINCY this week!), we can't let her act like that. I have high hopes for a good week this week though. I think the cake incident taught her a lesson.

Meanwhile, I got some sewing done this weekend:

Here is the finished pillowcase dress. So easy to make (tutorial here). I also finished all the napkins and made a little beach hat for the Peanut. And at naptime today, I got to go to the mall. By myself. To shop. Thanks to Kev for babysitting, and to my mom and dad for the gift card. It was a good day.

Man. Look at that sweet little girl in that picture. Can you believe someone so sweet and innocent looking could get in so much trouble? What a little stinker.

Now everyone is asleep. I guess I should be sleeping too. Tomorrow is grocery store, laundry, and give-Daphne-a-bath day. And Tuesday, it's supposed to be 98 degrees! August is the worst. Hurry, September!

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Gye Greene said...

Sprinkles on ice-cream cones are a big hit w/ my daughter as well.

Not so much naughty -- but getting a little bossy towards her parents. We're working on it (i.e. reinforcing the hierarchy).