Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Walk in my Shoes

This morning, Daphne and I went to the coffee shop. From now on, if I say "the coffee shop," I am talking about Shoes Cup and Cork, which I have mentioned before. It is probably never going to top Legal Grounds, because it doesn't have those delicious granola pancakes, but it is a really great coffee shop nonetheless, and you can bet I'll be frequenting it when Daphne starts school. I will sit there on Tuesdays and Thursdays and knit and drink coffee and fret about swine flu. Anyway, today we went there not only to enjoy some coffee and checkers, but also to contribute to their Walk in My Shoes box. Daphne proudly gave her bag of shoes to the guy behind the counter in her first of what I hope is many acts of charity. I think she thought it was pretty cool.

I love the coffee shop. It not only promotes good causes and has good coffee, but it also has great orange pillows that I would very much like to copy and put in my house somewhere. You can see part of one in the left of the picture.

Speaking of houses:

This is where my parents and Jeff will be living, presumably by November 18. That is going to be a good day, as it is located only about 40 minutes from my house. I have already told my mom that she is hosting Thanksgiving this year. I will bring pie.

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