Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Bag Update and Other Goings-On

This blog today is mostly pictures.  I am too far behind to write about the last few days in great detail, so you lucked out and will be spared this time!  Here are the highlights:  Bag 2 was a small stuffed Snoopy (above).  But Friday was more about the tree-lighting, so here are a few pics from our adventure downtown:

That's the Mayor in the red scarf, getting ready for the countdown.  Daphne is ready.  Below is just after the switch was flipped.

Ooooooh.  Aaaaaah.

It was a good night out.  Uncle Jeff and Cousin Curt met us and we ended up going to a new Thai place for dinner.

Saturday morning, we opened Bag 3: Go pick out a toy to donate to Toys for Tots.  So, we walked to the Farmer's Market for eggs, grabbed breakfast at the deli, and then went shopping at Ben Franklin, where Daphne picked out some John Deere tractors for the donation box at the rec center.  In the afternoon, I took the Daisies to the Girl Scout campground for a day of activities like candle-making, soap-making, campfire building, trail marking, and so forth.

The girls were awesome and didn't complain the whole day.  It was fun but exhausting.  I fell asleep on the couch at about 8:00.

Sunday, Bag 4 told us it was time to put up the tree!  We got the new She and Him Christmas CD to make it more festive.  As it turns out, Kev had gotten that for me for Christmas.  D-oh!  Advent Lesson Number 1:  Tell Kev if you get a CD for the bags.

The annual putting on of the angel:


And finally, last night was Bag 5 and Daphne's half-birthday.  There were cupcakes (featuring the candle she made at the girl scout thing):

And the Advent treat:  Some of those sticky gel things you decorate your windows with.  

Today it is rainy and yucky and I am sleepy.  I had to re-arrange some of the bags due to changes in our holiday schedule.  Advent Lesson Number 2:  You have to be flexible.  And it's not a bad idea to have some back-up treats in case of emergency.  You can always put them in the stocking if they don't get used.

Time to go wait for the school bus.  I'm glad we have nothing planned this afternoon.  We could all use a little break.  Bag 6 coming soon...


KBeck said...

Thanks Holt Family ... enjoying Christmas through you guys :)

Gye Greene said...

Wow! You folks are organized! It's Dec 15 for us, and no tree. Hopefully this weekend...


Gye Greene said...

You gonna give someone else the duplicate CD?