Friday, December 02, 2011

The Mayor and Bag One

December started off big.

Daphne and I  spent the first morning of December at Leesburg's brand new Chick Fil A.  It was the grand opening, and there were people who actually camped out overnight to be one of the first 100 customers and receive a year of free sandwiches.  We weren't that hard-core.  We just wanted breakfast.  So we went at about 8:30 after all the craziness had passed.  We WERE there, however, in time for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, which our mayor does when any new business opens in the town.  I think it was a pretty cool thing for Daphne to see.  We missed the actual cutting, because she was in the play area, but we went outside and saw the Boy Scouts do a flag-raising ceremony followed by a band playing the National Anthem.  Then they started giving everyone cow stuffed animals, and Daphne decided she wanted to meet the mayor, who I had told her was sorta like the president of Leesburg.  So, I took Daphne over to the Mayor, who is this really really nice lady, and they shook hands.  Daphne told her that we planned to be at the First Friday annual lighting of the town Christmas tree (we go every year - so much fun) and the next thing I knew, the Mayor had recruited Daphne to help her flip the switch that lights the tree!  Imagine how HUGE of a thing this is if you are five.  Daphne is so excited.  She said, "Mom, the whole town is going to cheer for me!"  She thinks she's famous now.

So, after school we decided to take a walk downtown to see the tree (or as it turns out, trees) she will be lighting (above).  Everyone was out decorating their shop windows and things, getting ready for First Friday.  There are some really great things about this sleepy little town at Christmastime.  (There are some not-so-great things too, but we can save that for another blog).  Anyway, tonight's the big night, so we'll see how it goes.  I hope Daphne doesn't trip over the wires, knock down the tree and get booed.  That's what would happen if it was me I reckon.  I'll just stand back and stay out of the way.  I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow.

Last night was also the grand opening of Advent Bag #1.

Bag One's activity was "Write a letter to Santa," which she did on some extra super fancy Christmas paper I bought a while back.  This was a little difficult because it was WAY past bedtime and people were loopy, but she got it done and it will go out in the mail today.

Today we have a short morning business meeting about the Princess party, a visit with Daphne's friend's foster kittens, a trip to the school book fair, lots of catching up on Daisy stuff, laundry and house-cleaning, a First Friday tree-lighting ceremony with the Mayor, a visit with Uncle Jeff and Cousin Curt, and Bag Two.  I will not be cooking today.  And will I ever knit or read books again?!

Happy December!

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KBeck said...

Daphne is famous! Can't wait to see pictures of the tree lighting. Congratulations, Daphne!! :)