Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fifteen thru Nineteen

Fifteen:  We were supposed to go downtown for jazz at the pub, but Kev was still sick, so instead there was PEZ and snowman glasses.  They make the lights on the tree look like this:

Sixteen:  Really Big Gingerbread Man from Trader Joe's.  We haven't had a chance to decorate it yet, but we will.  Someday.  If it's not in a million pieces.

Seventeen:  An ornament for Quincy.  Can't leave out Quincy.  He's part of the family.

Eighteen:  ELF night!  At last!  We all put on our PJs, picked a cookie, and watched the greatest Christmas movie of all time.  My face hurt from smiling for 90 minutes.  Will Farrell is a genius.

Nineteen:  Make Christmas cards for the teachers. 

Phew!  So much more to write, but no time now.  Off to deliver cookies to Daphne's school.  It's her last day before break.  And my last 4 hours of alone time to finish projects.  Down to the wire as usual.  Ho ho ho!

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Gye Greene said...

16: Ooh! **Every** family should have an acoustic guitar and a banjo in the living room.

16 vs 19: Hm! Mysterious missing banjo... :)

Elf: I'll take that as a recommendation. I'm usually indifferent to Will F. But will have to check that movie out.