Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Twelve and Thirteen

Daphne was still pretty sick last night, so there are no photos of Bag #12.  Inside was a note that said, "Family Movie Night" and there was an accompanying package containing the Chipmunk's Christmas DVD.  We watched it - it was nice and short - right before bed.

Tonight, Bag #13 said, "Let's read a book."  Last year, we got the Grinch book, and this year it was a book called "The Christmas Magic."  I want to get us a new Christmas book each year so Daphne will have a collection when she grows up.

It is a nice story with calm and peaceful illustrations.  I like it.

Daphne stayed home sick again today, and we had to miss Piano/Art lessons and the Daisy meeting.  I got my Christmas cards done, but not much else.  She's going to school tomorrow.  But it was nice having her home with me for a couple of days.  We just took it easy.  Now, Kev is sick.  I am determined to stay well.  If I get sick, Christmas may not come.  Tomorrow I have a million errands.


Gye Greene said...

I **was** going to recommend "An Aussie Night Before Christmas" -- Santa wearing a tank top and shorts (because December is summer for us...). But I'm guessing it's out of print because Amazon is selling it for $100.


A book a year is a good tradition.


Gye Greene said...

There's also one by the guy that wrote the "Lemony Snickets" series, about a lump of coal. Peculiar, but entertaining. Worth considering.