Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Around Here...

Daphne has been singing and painting.

Kev has been playing with his Christmas presents. 

This mini-theramin actually works!  Weee-oooh-weee-ooooh.  So funny.

And I finally got something on the needles.  If all goes well, the yarn in the photo above will eventually be a sleeve on a cardigan like this one:

And this weekend, Jeff is heading to Georgia to pick up the new puppy.

Last night we had beer cheese soup and right now there is a brisket in the slow cooker that is making the house smell all happy.

I can't complain.

1 comment:

Gye Greene said...

Daphne singing: Most families **don't** have a pop filter for their microphones. ;)

(Just goes to show how cool y'alls are.)

((Hopefully I conjugated "y'all" correctly.)) :)