Friday, January 13, 2012


These records, formerly (according to the stickers on the covers) belonging to a certain Miss Emily May Ross of Washington DC, were purchased for $2.00 each yesterday at an antique store downtown, which is where I found myself during my walk.  The covers were so fabulous that I couldn't pass them up.  Last night after dinner, we listened to Music for Relaxation, and it wasn't bad!  Very relaxing, actually.  Looking forward to listening to the others.  By the way, I don't know about y'all, but that is not what I look like when I read.  Where are her old lady reading specs and her housepants?!  (You can click on the picture for a closer look at the album covers.  LPs are awesome.) 

P.S. There is an eerie resemblance between the man on the Flamenco album cover and Kev's dad.

I really enjoyed my walk yesterday.  I went to the antique store and a used book store that opened just before Christmas called Books and Other Found Items.  Cool little shop.  Please go there so it doesn't close down.   When I got home, I sat outside on the porch and read. Today it is cold and REALLY windy.  No porch time or afternoon strolls today.  But I did go to Curves.  I told y'all I would.  More exercise in 2012.

This morning, I finished my Stephen King book.  It was so great.  I couldn't stop reading it.  I stayed up way too late every night this week because I couldn't put it down.  Last night, I was stirring dinner with one hand and holding my kindle in the other - Reading While Cooking - because I had to know what was going to happen next.  Now, I'm not going to tell you what the book was about, but I will say it was a premise that could have gone horribly horribly wrong.  But it didn't.  And even though the ending was a little "Hollywood," at least there WAS an ending.  It didn't leave me hanging and make me mad as books so often do.  I am 100% satisfied with this book.  That almost never happens.  So, props to Stephen King, and thanks again to Jeff for the recommendation.  Time to start another book, but not before I get something going on my knitting needles.  More knitting in 2012.

And less computer time in 2012, so I am signing off for the long holiday weekend.  Happy MLK!  See you next week.


Gye Greene said...

Music for Reading: **My** first thought was "That looks like a perfectly comfortable chair. So why is she sitting on the floor?" ;)

Glad you didn't drop your eBook in the soup.

Ambiguous endings: One of the main things I didn't like about the movie "Good Will Hunting" -- what ends up happening between the guy and Minnie Driver's character? Also, you should avoid most French films (at least, the ones they show on t.v. here in Australia): there seems to be a cultural disposition in favor of ambiguous endings.


Gye Greene said...

Also: pretty neat-o that you got three from a series.