Friday, February 10, 2012

Class Valentines

So, this year, Daphne's class isn't having an official "party" for Valentine's Day.  I guess they are only allowed three parties a year, and this one didn't make the cut.  The kids still get to exchange Valentines, but it's sort of more like a homework assignment.  Very strict and specific instructions were sent home about what the students MUST (print name in d'nealian) and MUST NOT (send candy) UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES do.  The cards were due today.

Not to be intimidated, I was determined to still have SOME fun with Valentine's Day cards this year, so we stole an idea from the internet and made rubber stamps by putting foam stickers on corks and bottle caps.  While not as cute as last year's stolen Valentine idea, these were at least still hand made.  One of these days, Daphne is probably just going to want the Justin Bieber (good grief) ones from the grocery store, so I'm hanging on to crafty as long as I can.

Hey!  Look what was in our mailbox today!

When Kev gets home, we get to open it.  I'm afraid it might be a bit of a let-down though.  How can you possibly top alligator?

Another big weekend is here.  Cooking classes, play dates, the whale movie, and some cleaning.  Off to get a head start.  Or maybe a nap.

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Gye Greene said...

d'nealian -- had to Google that. Aha!

Stickers on corks: clever! Will have to try that.