Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cabin Fever

I have left the house twice since Monday.  Once, to go pick up 28 cases of Girl Scout cookies from the middle school parking lot, and once to take Daphne to the doctor.  She has strep throat.  She doesn't feel all that bad, but she can't go to school because of the fever.  She has missed the entire week of school, as well as her piano and art lesson and her Daisy meeting (which was a free yoga class - we were both so disappointed to miss it).  There's not much food in the house.  Cooking has been minimal.  Kev went out to the store last night to get a few things, which is good.  Otherwise, we might be surviving on Girl Scout cookies.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

During her illness, Daphne has been watching a lot of Buddy movies.  The Buddies are 5 golden retriever puppies that speak English and have adventures.  They are terrible horrible no good very bad movies if you are an adult, but Daphne LOVES them, and they are sweet movies that don't require lengthy explanations about the meaning of The Force.  And during these Buddy movies, I was able to finish the first sleeve of my cardigan.  Woohoo!

One of Daphne's friends left a get well card and this bracelet in our mailbox this morning.  Daphne has been wearing it ever since.  That makes me happy.  Kids can be really really sweet.  I was telling a friend today that I dread the day the girls in Daphne's grade start being mean to each other.  I hope that's a long way off. 

Besides watching movies, Daphne has been spending time doing one of her favorite things:  taping stuff to other stuff.  She has hardly touched any of her toys this week, except her stuffed dogs who are always in the mix.  Instead, she has made various inventions with empty cardboard boxes, toilet paper tubes, pieces of string, and tiny pieces of paper.  And lots and lots of tape.  I told her that if she was going to invent things, she ought to start coming up with a leprechaun trap so we can avoid last year's St. Patrick's Day fiasco.  Here is a sneak peek at what she came up with so far:

Note the tape. The leprechaun is SURE to be fooled!  We'll catch one this year!  For real.

OK.  Back to knitting.

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Gye Greene said...

Yeah -- my daughter also loves the "taping things to other things".

LOVE the Leprechaun trap sign!