Monday, February 27, 2012


Our weekend was pretty low-key.  We didn't have any girl scout activities or birthday parties to attend.  Daphne was still feeling a little yucky from the strep, but we did get out of the house on Saturday to go to the mall (Daphne has suddenly out-grown all of her pants!), lunch (lobster bisque!) and grocery shopping.

Sunday, Misters Tim and Jeff came over for a little band time.  It was really fun.  The guys sounded great, and I even joined in a couple songs on fiddle.  We discovered that the secret to playing the fiddle is re-tuning the violin to AEAE instead of GDAE.  This allows you to play chords a lot more easily, and I was able to sound like I sort of actually knew what I was doing.  Daphne played shakers and sang a little.  Good times.  The plan is to try to get together and play once a month.  We'll see if that happens.  Maybe we can get a couple more people to join in and have a real hootenanny in the spring. 

The weekend ended with my new favorite show, The Worst Cooks in America.  I love that show.  Unlike most reality shows, I like pretty much all of the contestants, and I hate to see any of them get kicked off.  They are all trying so hard, but what a bunch of train wrecks!  Last night, there were steaks catching on fire, pizzas falling on the floor, and one poor girl poured a WHOLE BOX of pasta into her minestrone.  Oh wait.  That was me

It is Monday now.  I just put Daphne on the bus - her first day back to school post-strep - and I am completely alone for the first time in 10 days. It is nice.  I am going to have some lunch and knit.  Hope you had a good weekend.

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Gye Greene said...

Love the hollowbody bass!