Wednesday, February 08, 2012


The craftiness continues around here. I decided to show Daphne how to do an embroidery back stitch.

She got the hang of it pretty quickly, and made a "D" with a circle around it.  She wants me to make it into a pillow for her stuffed dogs.

Meanwhile, at Daisies last night, the girls made Valentine's Day cards and crafts to swap with another Daisy troop as part of earning their "Be a Sister to all Girl Scouts" petal.  All of the parents pitched in to help, which was awesome because otherwise it could have been a disaster.

The girls did great, and we ended up with nice little Valentine bags to give to the other troop.  I think they will like it.  Violet petal earned!

Today after school, Daphne and I made a Valentine t-shirt using a doily and some fabric paint.  It should be noted that I don't care for the word "doily," but they do make nice stencils.

At the moment, it is snowing, but it will probably melt by tomorrow.  Yesterday it was warm enough to go outside without a coat.  Saturday night, Kev and I walked downtown to see a movie and it was snowing.  My bulbs are coming up, and they must be so confused.  Cold, warm, cold, warm.  Such a weird winter this year.

Kev and I saw The Descendents at the Tally Ho.  It was really great.  Go see it.  Take some kleenex.  Then we went to dinner at Palio, which was very's hard to go wrong with mushroom raviolis, especially when they have little amaretti cookies crumbled on top.  I have to remember that next time I make ravioli.

It was a really busy weekend.  Daphne had two birthday parties, Kev and I went out, and my parents, Jeff, and Scout the good new puppy came over for breakfast on Sunday.  This coming weekend, the Daisies have a cooking class on Saturday and Daphne has a play date on Sunday.  Never a dull moment.

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