Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jedis, Generals, and Scouts - Weekend in Pictures

Ready for Family Star Wars Day
 Saturday was all about Star Wars, which you can read about over here on What We Ate.
Then, we took a long walk:

Looking for something interesting.

Some kind of hawk.
Sketching the hawk.

We walked through some neighborhoods we've never visited before, and saw some interesting things:  
Somebody's hitching post.

The Big Bad Wolf's house?

Yard Art.

On Sunday, Daphne and I had a sleepover in Manassas, and on Monday, Uncle Jeff took us to Mount Vernon to celebrate President's Day at George Washington's house.  Daphne even earned a Girl Scout patch.

The General addresses the crowd.
The soldiers prepare to charge.
Daphne and the General

The President's mansion.

Plus, there was this giant pig.

And we got to spend a lot of time with this good little puppy dog:

Teaching Scout some self-control.
The good puppy.
A good weekend, but now Daphne is sick.  Too much President's Day partying.  I think today we'll rest on the couch and watch a good movie.  Perhaps there will be knitting.

Happy Mardi Gras!

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