Thursday, May 31, 2012

Big Ol' Weekend

Well, Memorial Day weekend came and went in a hurry.  It's pretty much all a blur.  (Literally...haha).  But most of it revolved around Daphne's sixth birthday party.  Readers of this blog know that I really get into birthday parties.  And this time, in spite of my eye, it was no different.  I did keep it smaller this year - only five kids were invited - which made things so much easier.  Another thing that made it easy was that the kids were really GOOD and didn't require as much supervision. Six is gonna be a good age.

Daphne, after listening to some country music in the car with Kev one day, decided she wanted a Texas/Cowgirl theme.  This was REALLY easy to DIY because we already had a lot of stuff we could use around the house, and the rest I ordered from Oriental Trading.  Kev and Mister Tim provided the music, we had hot dogs and pulled pork for the food, and s'mores pie (link to recipe) and root beer floats for dessert.  Easy.

The kids were awesome and so cute.  At one point, they spontaneously began to parade around the house chanting "I LOVE BACON...I LOVE BACON..."  They got tattoos, had a sack race, tossed bean bags, and danced.  I took lots of pictures, and the best ones are here if you're interested.  I am declaring it a success.  Daphne was happy.

In sadder news, Kev's 1985 BMW finally died.  For good.  And we have to say goodbye.  It's time.  But it's still sad.

We drove off from our wedding in this car:

We took this car to New Orleans on our honeymoon.  We brought Daphne home from the hospital in this car.  It's been pretty good to us.  But, for the last few years, Kev has been driving it in the summer with no AC, in the winter with no heat, and all the time with the brights coming on whenever they want causing road rage among other drivers. 

So, the part of the weekend that wasn't about the birthday party was all about car shopping.  Not the most fun thing ever.  But it had to be done.  Stay tuned for new car news when we have it.  For the moment, though, Kev is driving my car and I am hoofing it.  Good thing we live close to the places I need to go.  Today, I walked to 2 different banks, stopped at the deli for lunch, and went to the Ben Franklin to get a birthday gift for a party Daphne is going to on Sunday.  All this walking is fine when the weather is nice, like today, but it's about to be summer.  And that means hot.  And that means I like to stay in the house as much as possible until mid-September.

OK...another big weekend is already upon us.  This one includes a cancer fundraiser, the aforementioned birthday party, and a knitting field trip for me!  And probably more car shopping.  Then, we begin the last week of Kindergarten.  I thought I was ready, but I don't think I am.  I'm starting to panic a little.  And also next week, there is Daphne's actual birthday, field day at school (I'm volunteering), and I go back to my retina doctor to see how my eye is doing.  I will most definitely receive another eyeball injection, most probably be shot up with dye again, and most hopefully receive good news that this is all working.  Wish me luck.  If I only had a clone!

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Gye Greene said...

Sorry to hear about the car: I know the feeling.

Some people may enjoy it, but for me car shopping (and apartment-hunting) are done from necessity, not fun.