Wednesday, May 09, 2012

When the World Went All Wavy (Not for the Squeamish)

 The weekend started off good.  We went to First Friday.  We left Daphne with our teenager neighbor on Saturday and rode our bikes to a local winery.

And on Sunday, we decided to go over to Brunswick, Maryland to check out a coffee shop we heard about for Sunday Jazz Brunch. Beans in the Belfry.  Really cool place.  It's in an old church in the middle of town, and it's like a giant living room full of nice people and good food and good music.  And very kid friendly.  Here is Daphne (and Flat Stanley) up in the choir loft:

But as I was driving to Maryland, the world went all wavy.  The lines on the road started to move.  I had to pull over and let Kev drive.  Earlier in the week, I had noticed some lines on my computer jumping a little, but it was temporary, and I thought it was computer fatigue.  By Sunday night, though, it was obvious that something was really wrong.  I couldn't drive, or read, or look at anything comfortably.  It's kind of like being in a groovy 1960's hippie video, but it doesn't stop.  I noticed that if I covered my left eye, everything looked normal.  But if I covered my right eye, I had a pretty significant blind spot, which was surrounded by these waves that were making everything look distorted.  Not good.

Let's look at something happy for a minute:

New Eggs for Atticus and Veronica

Root Beer Floats on the Porch
OK, so anyway I made an emergency appointment with my eye doctor on Monday, and she sent me to a retina specialist on Tuesday, where there was MUCH unpleasantness.  Here comes the gross part.  Scroll on down to the video now if you are squeamish.

After some initial photos, the doctor verified that there was indeed some swelling on my retina, which is what was suspected at the Monday appointment.  So, in order to diagnose it, they had to shoot me up with some glowing yellow dye and take more pictures to watch the blood flow.  They found that my blood vessels were leaking, which caused the swelling, which caused the blind spot, which caused the world to go all wavy.  And, here comes the worst part of all.  The treatment is INJECTIONS in the EYE.  That's right.  So, what could I do?  I didn't have a choice.  I had to do it.  So, yesterday, I got a shot.  In my eye.  And all things considered, I'd have to say I was pretty brave about it.  The really super worst part is, I have to repeat the procedure monthly for the foreseeable future.And hopefully, eventually, the leaking will stop, the swelling will go down, and I will go back to the regular non-wavy world.  But it's going to take time.  And I will have to adjust to living in a groovy 1960's hippie video for now.  At the moment, I am typing this whilst wearing an eye patch.  AAARRGHH.  Ahoy there, matey!

OK...Listen, shhhhhhh....let's shake off the ickiness of the previous paragraph now with some groovy 60's video comic relief:

So funny.  "It's not too late...NOOOOoooo."
It's like a Mozart symphony.   Heeheehee.  I love it.

Anyway, I am going to try to go about my normal business and hope for the best with this treatment.  I am very thankful that it isn't worse.  And I am thankful to Kev for taking care of me the last two days.  It was sort of worse for him I think.  He is VERY squeamish, but he never left my side.

And then there's Daphne, or as she'd like to be known this morning, "Super-Dog."  Last night, she felt so sorry for me that she offered to cook dinner.  Cereal.  It was so sweet.

OK, if y'all get lucky, maybe I'll post a picture of me with my eye patch.  I think it needs a little bling first, though.  I wonder if there are any fashion eye patch ideas on Pinterest...


jilly donuts said...

Too bad I don't have a bedazzler. Although there surely is someone in your house that likes tape and sequins and glue...

Still shivering a bit at the thought of the shot, but glad you are fixable.

Tara said...


Gye Greene said...

When you were describing it, I thought maybe you were going to say that you had a retinal detachment. So I was close -- but incorrect.

Yep -- made me all oogy. (Grateful that you didn't post photos.) Very sweet of Kev to stick by your side (not that he would do anything else.)

My mom had a detached retina, once. They had to avulse her eye -- that is, pop it out of its socket -- to get the right angle to fix it. Not sure which is more icky -- the shot or the avulsion.

Horrible that they can't knock you out while they give you the shot...

At least the eyepatch is a bit of a work-around...

(Another shiver; ewww...)