Thursday, May 03, 2012


This is the Command Center. My domain. I spend a LOT of time here.

It's in the kitchen by the back door where we come in and out of the house.  We don't have a mud room or a coat closet, so it all goes here...coats, shoes, boots, keys, whatever.  It's really bad in winter when there are also scarves and hats and boots.  It's out of control.


This table below is where I sit to eat breakfast (IF I sit...I usually stand at the counter), drink my coffee, work on Girl Scout stuff, plan the meals, make the grocery lists, check and send email, surf the internet,etc. ( the computer is usually on the table, but last night Kev was using it in the living room).  So, this morning, since the computer wasn't on the table, I actually had a place to PUT my breakfast when I sat down (and I did sit today) to eat.  I liked sitting down to eat.  So my plan is to get the table cleaned off, clean up the coat and shoe area (as much as possible), and put the computer upstairs in the office on my desk, which is logically where the computer should be.  Then I will have a nice place to sit in the mornings.  But this will be an experiment.  I think it will be a good way to decrease my computer time-wasting.  However, I won't be able to listen to Pandora while I cook, which is something I really love.  So, we'll see.  I'll let you know how it goes, and I'll post some "after" pictures when I get things cleaned up.

In the meantime, here is something nice to look at to help you forget about the stressful cluttered images above:

 Aaaaaaah! Our first Peony has bloomed!  Many many more to come. 

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Gye Greene said...

Good endeavor. We have **many** places that need tidying/re-orging.

Gonna put some sort of bookshelf/boot-shelf in that corner?