Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Flowery Weekend

Our weekend revolved around the Flower and Garden Festival and being outside.  The weather was nice this year...sunny and a little chilly, which is better than cold and rainy like last year.  We got some herb planters which I can't wait to use.  We ate a lot of junk food.  We took a bike ride and played at the park.  Daphne got to spend some time with G-Ma and G-Pa, and Kev and I had a little time to work on our 10th anniversary vacation planning.

Last Thursday after school, Daphne went to the Relay Recess for the American Cancer Society.  She did 10 laps (2 1/2 miles!) and had a lot of fun with the other kids, and like last year, it inspired some good discussions.

Yesterday, it was back to school.  We had plans to meet a friend at the park after school to play, but when we got there, my whole Daisy troop (and moms) were there to surprise me with flowers and a card and gift certificate for GS Leader Appreciation Day.  I was totally surprised, which was so nice because when you are my age, you don't get a lot of (good) surprises.  I have the BEST group of moms and kids, and I appreciate them, too.  I wish I could give them all surprises and cards and gifts and things.  It was a really fun afternoon, and I was so happy that I didn't even get mad at Daphne when she went onto the baseball infield and rolled around in the dirt ("Look Mom!  I'm all brown!").

The best part of all of this is that Daphne seems to be feeling so much better, and she is eating again and acting like herself again (see "rolled around in the dirt" above).  I really hope we have reached the end of all the various ailments for a while. 

I have no errands or meetings or volunteer gigs on my agenda today, so I'm going to finally get back to my groove.  Step one: clean this desk.  If we can make it through this day without a call from Nurse Rodney, then life is good.

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Gye Greene said...

Wow! 2.5 miles is a long way! It's been years since I've run that far.

Surprise: That **is** nice.

Rolling in dirt: Breaded Daphne. ;)