Thursday, April 18, 2013

Groove, Interrupted

Well, yesterday started out great.  I went to Pilates, then walked 2 1/2 miles with good friends, and then ran a couple of errands that were way overdue.  I came home, ready to start getting my house in shape and catching up on some Girl Scout stuff, and then the phone rang.  You can probably guess it was the school nurse.  Long story short, I spent the afternoon in doctor's offices, x-ray labs, and pharmacies instead of taking care of business at home.  Daphne's ear infection is back, more antibiotics are on the way, and my groove was derailed once again.  However, when I watch TV or listen to the radio or check the internet news, I know that my "problems" are not really worth complaining about, and if cleaning my desk has to wait a couple of days, that's OK.

Plus, I have this tree right outside my kitchen window.  Seriously, it is the best tree in the history of trees.

So it's all good.

A couple of quick funny stories. 

Sometimes, usually at dinner, Daphne will ask the most random questions.  The other night, she suddenly said, "What is gorgonzola?"  I told her it was a kind of cheese.  She sat there for a minute processing this information.  She looked really puzzled, so I asked why she wanted to know.  She said some boys at school were talking about gorgonzola, and she thought it was a big lizard monster who eats buildings.  Um, Daph...that's GODZILLA.

Then, a couple of days later, she asked me if college is the place where people go and live in gnomes.

It's so confusing to be 6 and three-quarters sometimes.

Off to the pharmacy!  But not letting it get me down!
The groove must go on.

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Gye Greene said...

Kid-isms are great.

I think it's neat-o that you're recording them in this blog for Daphne.