Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Took a Walk

Part of getting my groove back is going for morning strolls.  We used to go for a lot of evening strolls, but now it's too late by the time we finish dinner.  Maybe in the summer we can do that more often.  But for now, I am re-introducing the morning stroll to my routine.

Today I brought my camera so I could show you around my little town.  That is some phlox above.  It's pretty and it smells really good.  Which is nice because yesterday my whole neighborhood smelled like startled skunk.

This is the window of the pottery shop up the street. There is always good stuff in that window.  Right now I am obsessed with the knitted chevron blanket down in the corner.  If I ever finish When I finish my owl sweater, I am going to look for a pattern so I can make one.

This sign is for a new restaurant that is coming soon.  I can't wait.

This used to be a tattoo shop. Now it's "For Lease."  I guess there isn't much of a tattoo market in Leesburg these days.  What Leesburg really needs is a YARN shop.  I could totally make this into a cool yarn shop.  I'm just waiting for Emily to move up here and Jill to quit her job so we can get this thing underway.  There could be coffee and couches so that people could sit around and knit chevron blankets. Wednesday night you could bring your own wine and the shop would stay open late.  I would paint the shutters and door a pretty color and put up window boxes filled with flowers.  Then I would think of a clever name for the shop, or call it Wirth Street Wool or something.  Because it's on Wirth Street.  It would be a happy place.

Speaking of happy places, Shoes is coming back!  This sign was in the window.  So that's something to look forward to.

This is the court house.  I thought it looked pretty this morning.

Here is the Cajun place.  I used to love the Cajun place.  They have awesome gumbo and beignets, and they added a brunch which I haven't tried yet, but there are grits on the menu.  But now, I'm mad at the Cajun place because they have this policy where they make a big deal of inviting people to come in there with their guns.  No matter where you fall on the gun control spectrum, encouraging people to carry guns at a family restaurant where alcohol is served is a stupid idea.  They are getting a lot of publicity, but they have lost me as a customer, and probably others as well.  I'm sad.  I really wanted to try those grits.

My last stop was South Street Under for coffee and a breakfast ciabatta.  You can't go wrong with that.

So, now, since I have some momentum, I am going to go clean my bathrooms even though it's only Thursday.  Because I am determined to have my act together by the weekend so I can sit down and knit.  Knitting is the sign that I am TRULY 100% back in a groove.  Wish me luck.

UPDATE:  The bathrooms are clean, plus I swept the floors and cleaned the dining room.  There is laundry going.  I feel some knitting coming on...


jilly donuts said...

I love your picture. Our town is so pretty, especially in spring with flowers and trees in bloom and little bright green leaves on the trees!

I would love to do that knitting shop with you. I wonder how much it leases for each month...this could be a great project when the girls are in HS or college!!

Wish I was with you for the ciabatta...

Gye Greene said...

"Which is nice because yesterday my whole neighborhood smelled like startled skunk.": This is an excellent turn of phrase. You are a good writer. Someday you will write a short story, and this will turn out so well that you will write a novel by writing a half hour a day. It will be an excellent novel, people will stand in line to buy it, and you will become the next J.K. Rowling.

Tattoo shop: That hardly looks like a tattoo shop -- from a Seattle point of view. It's too charming. ;)

I like the knitting shop idea.

Cajun place: I agree. Too bad about the guns.

I had to Google "ciabatta". :)