Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Sprink Break in Pictures

Spring Break started off great.  Everyone was healthy for once.  Kev and I went to school on Friday to surprise Daphne at lunch, then we told her to go ahead and get her stuff and we'd go home early.  In the car, she noticed her sleeping bag, and after a couple of clues, she realized we were going to GREAT WOLF LODGE.   Pulling off this surprise was definitely worth all the planning and secrecy.  She literally (and I'm literally using the word "literally"here as it's meant to be used) squealed with delight when she figured it out.

We swam, we went down big scary water slides, we ate in tents, we went to the arcade, we did the whole magic wand wizardy thing, we howled -

It was really really fun.  That place is expensive, but it was like a dream come true for Daphne.  We will never have to go to Disney.  Woohoo!

On our way home, we spent about an hour in Colonial Williamsburg, which was also really cool.

So, for two days, things were great.  Then, when we got home, Daphne woke up crying in the middle of the night with what turned out to be an ear infection and high fever just in time for our house guests - Kev's mom and dad, sister, and two of our nephews. We had big plans for our time with them, but ended up doing pretty much nothing because all three kids were sick.  Still, it was a nice visit, and the kids got to play, Kev got to record some stuff with his dad and sister, and the Easter eggs got colored:

By Easter, Daphne was feeling better.  The Easter bunny was good to her and brought many Lindor Truffles and a Lego Star Wars game for the Wii among other things.  My Easter basket contained wine and chocolate and flower seeds and a kick-a$$ rolling pin from one of Ye Olde Williamsburg Shoppes.  Thanks, Easter bunny!  Kev got beer and a Star Trek shirt and some snacks and things.  We had a great Easter Brunch in Manassas, and we got to play with Scout.

Yesterday was Monday, and the kids had an extra day off, so I decided to take Daphne into DC for a final little field trip.  We met Uncle Jeff for lunch at the Good Stuff Eatery, and the toasted marshmallow shakes did not disappoint.

After lunch, Daphne and I walked around Capitol Hill, and visited the American Indian Museum.

Finally, we took in a planetarium show at the Air and Space Museum. 

It was a good day out.  But by the end of it, the nice warm sunny day turned cold and windy, and by the time we got home, I was full blown sick.  Again.  I swear to you that our family is keeping the good people of Kleenex in business.  I bet we went through at least 25 boxes of tissues in the month of March.  On the way home from DC, I stopped and bought six more.  We'll see how long those last, because now Kev says his throat kinda hurts.  Just in time for our tenth anniversary, which is Friday.

Supposedly, this has been one of the worst cold and flu seasons on record, and I believe it.  I think Spring is finally here now, though, so hopefully this is the last round of sick.  Because I have had it.  I don't like to complain, because I know things could be so much worse, but this winter has seriously been the opposite of fun in almost every way. My groove keeps getting derailed and I can't get anything done.

I hope that wherever you are, you are healthy and enjoying the beginning of spring.  Get ready for pictures of tulips and things!

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