Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Stuff

People who are knitters have their own secret code.  For example, a LYS is a local yarn shop, a UFO is an unfinished object, and a KAL is a knit-along.  I have just invented a new knitter secret code word:  FOLD.  This stands for Finished Object Let-Down, which is what I am experiencing now.  I put so much blood, sweat, and tears into that sweater, and now it's all done.  Trust me, I'm GLAD it's done, but I'm still feeling the let-down.

Now I have to look for other things to distract me.  So I picked up a UFO - a scarf I started last summer in Ocean City - and have been working on that.  It's a very easy mindless pattern, which is a nice change from the owls.  Should finish it up quickly, and then I need to start the next sweater.  I bought the yarn and pattern in Maine, and it (the sweater pattern) is appropriately called Lobster Cove.

Anyway, I am going to try to get "FOLD" going among other knitters as part of their vernacular.

"Dude, I FOLDed after I finished that giant afghan."
"I know I am totally going to FOLD as soon as these tube socks are done."
"I'm FOLDing fast!  I need a new project!"

My little contribution to the knitting world.

In other news, today was the annual 9-11 motorcycle parade through town.  I think these bikers go to all the 9-11 crash sites during their ride.  Daphne watched it for the first time this year, and enjoyed it.  I had to explain a little bit about September 11, which wasn't a conversation I enjoyed.

Next week is Girl Scout Camp.  I am volunteering in the Arts and Crafts center again.  The theme this year is 80s, which I am excited about because I love the 80s.  Totally.

Daphne's group is called The Muppets this year, and their unit color is lavender.  So we waited until the last minute to make swaps and came up with these:

Pom poms + googley eyes + glue dots + safety pins = Easiest Swaps Ever.  And I think they are pretty dang cute.

So, that's done.  I have my own pre-camp jobs to do this weekend, prepping for one of the crafts.  Another example of waiting until the last minute, and now I'm scrambling a bit.  Camp is fun, but it's really really hard work.  I'll be glad when next Friday rolls around and it's all just a memory.

OK...Gonna go try to unFOLD now with my UFO.  (Too much?)

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Gye Greene said...

A year from now you'll have to Google "FOLD knitting", and see how many hits you get. :)