Wednesday, August 07, 2013

I Want to be Seven

Daphne is in the middle of a three day sewing camp.  She has learned to thread a sewing machine and do the bobbin, and her teacher said she is improving her pedal control skills (which is good...she's a LEAD-FOOT!).  She made this tote bag, as well as a zipper pouch which I'm not allowed to see because she's giving it to me for my birthday.  She even got to use paint to "design" her fabric.  I will try to take a better picture of the fabric.  It looks like really cool abstract art.  I want to be seven.  I want to go to sewing camp.

Tomorrow, she gets to make a t-shirt.  I thought she was just going to get to paint or stamp a store-bought t-shirt, but she is actually going to sew one.  Very very cool.

While she was at sewing camp, our friend stopped by to drop off Daphne's dragon from the pottery class she took last week.  He turned out GREAT. 

Swimming, pottery, candles, paintings, sewing...and she hasn't even been to Girl Scout camp yet.  I totally want to be seven.

At least I can knit.  I have started to knit the owl cables on my sweater.  It's really fun, and not nearly as scary as attaching sleeves.  I think I am actually going to finish this thing in time for fall!

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jilly donuts said...

That dragon looks absolutely ancient - love the glaze on it. I will have to show the sewing pictures to Tate to see if she's interested!! Such cool projects for Daphne.