Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Only Have Eyes for (one of) You...

So, it's settled.  I chose my Great Grandma's buttons and sewed them on this morning.*  Only one owl will have eyes.  I am EXTREMELY happy with my sweater.

I am probably one of the coolest people you know.  And by "coolest people" I mean "biggest dorks."  Because this morning, I put on my new sweater with a skirt and my boots and made Daphne go outside and  take pictures of me with the iPad.  Can you tell I am proud of this thing?  I mean, I KNIT A WHOLE REAL SWEATER!  THAT FITS!

You can't really see it, but I am holding a photo of Bertha and her family.  I am so excited that her buttons are part of this.  Mom said this would make her happy.

Daphne isn't a bad photographer!  But you should see some of the deleted shots.  She thinks it's funny to cut off people's heads.  Someday, the sweater will be hers.  Whether she likes it or not.

*  Putting on the buttons was not without peril.  First, I sewed them on the BACK of the sweater.  So I had to take them off and move them to the front.  I was lucky that I used a contrasting colored thread, or I never would have been able to do it.  Also lucky I didn't rip any yarn in the process.  My next project is going to be an EASY one.

I am now finished talking about the owl sweater.  Different topics coming soon.  I swear.


jilly donuts said...

I expect to see this outfit many times this fall and winter! Well done - love the button placement.

Kathy said...

Tara, the sweater is really beautiful and you look great in that outfit! Grandma would have loved knowing that those buttons that she saved so many years ago were chosen for this. She would have been very impressed, proud, and probably would have really smiled and I sure don't remember her smiling that often. Great, great job!! Love you, Kathy

Gye Greene said...

Finishing a whole sweater: That's a good point -- that's a whole lotta square footage!

The Lady does a little knitting, now and then (mostly scarves) -- so I've seen how long it take to assemble something... inch by inch...

Congrats! :)