Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer Countdown

School starts 2 weeks from today. I can't believe it.  So over the weekend we went school-clothes shopping with Daphne.  It went shockingly well.  She even got new shoes with nary an argument.  This (above) is going to be her First Day of School outfit.  Even though we were going directly to the Lucketts Fair after shopping, she insisted on changing into some of her new clothes in the mall bathroom.  I will never say no to Daphne REQUESTING to wear a dress and boots.

At the fair, she rode a horse, and got to pet some cool animals including a baby alpaca, a piglet, and a hedgehog.  There was also ice cream.  We spent EIGHTY DOLLARS, and all we came home with was a belly ache and a rubber band gun, but it was fun.

Last weekend, when we went to the lobster truck at the round-about, Kev left his rain jacket at the picnic table.  So I called to see if they had it and they said they did and would put it in the truck for me to pick up.  Sunday, I went to pick it up and the lobster man not only HAD Kev's jacket, but he was WEARING it.  When I got home, I noticed he left his pack of KOOL cigarettes in the pocket. I bet he wasn't too happy when he realized that.

While I was there, I got some lobster.  Duh.

I had to go to a pre-Girl-Scout-Camp meeting that afternoon, so Daphne and Kev made lobster corn chowder with the lobster.  All I had to do was eat it.  I am thankful for my nice family, for being nice and for knowing how to cook.

Camp started yesterday.  Daphne's having a great time.  I am enjoying it too, but it is exhausting.  We are both a little crazy by the end of the day.

At camp, there are no flush toilets.  Only big holes in the ground DISGUISED as toilets.  The smell is unimaginable and the littlest kids at camp get a little freaked out and hold it all day so they don't have to go in there.  This is not good, so they let each group decorate a Biffy (Bathroom In the Forest For You) to make it a more pleasant place, hoping this will make the little kids feel better.  This is Daphne's group's Biffy.  They are the Muppets.  It looks nice but it still smells like, well...you just have to smell it to know.  It can't be described.

The theme at camp is 80s.  So we get to wear REALLY cool clothes.  I love the 80s.

This morning I forgot I was dressed like this and went down to the street corner to wait for Jill to pick us up for camp.  I hope nobody I know drove by. 

Those pins on my shirt are genuine 80s relics:  Madonna, Echo and the Bunnymen, and Love and Rockets.  I had to put them on because I over-Flashdanced my shirt and I have to pin it to my tank top to keep it from falling down.  I have to wear this shirt every day this week.  By Friday, I might hate the 80s.

Next week is the last week before school starts and I am going to relax and do pretty much nothing.  I can not wait.  More tales from camp coming soon...

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Gye Greene said...

Love and Rockets: Ah! Forgot about them. I have one of their CDs somewhere.

Biffy: Ah! Did not know it was an acronym.

Lobster: Gonna have to try it, now -- you keep talking about it. (Never had it.)