Friday, February 14, 2014

At Last, a BIG Snow

On Wednesday night, it started to snow.  It's hard to see in the picture, but this particular snow was sparkly.  It looked like glitter coming down from the sky.  Prettiest snow I have ever seen.  And it kept on snowing until it was about 15 inches deep.

Daphne couldn't wait to get out and play in it.  She didn't have to wait long.

While she played, Kev and I shovelled.  He did most of the work, but I did quite a bit, too.  

When you live in the "north," there is some sort of unwritten moral obligation to shovel a path on the sidewalk, so that what Kev is doing above.  To get TO the path, though, you have to wade through the snow on either side of it, and by now it may be impossible because the plow came last night and probably made a giant mountain between the street and the path.  I bet we won't see grass until April.

Daphne enjoyed her (10th!) snow day.  She got to have a snow cone that was actually made out of snow (we used cherry syrup from her shaved ice machine kit), and she read an entire Lemeny Snicket book.

It was nice to have a bonus day with Kev, too, and we finished the evening with jambalaya and a family game of Clue, which Daphne won.  She showed up in the living room wearing her detective suit, CLEARLY taking the game seriously.  It paid off.  Mrs. White, in the Study, with the Rope.  Way to go, Sherlock Holt!

Today is snow day 11, and Kev had to go back to work.  Daphne is making some sort of Valentine's Day surprise up in the attic, and I am blogging and wishing really hard for a donut.  I could really go for a donut.  My coffee seems lonely.

I am being called to the other room.  I guess my coffee isn't the only one who's lonely!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Gye Greene said...

"Real snow" cone: brilliant. :)

Playing Clue, in appropriate costume: Excellent. :)