Sunday, February 09, 2014

The Weekend in Pictures

Friday, there was lasagna.  Tonight, we'll have the left-overs.  Eventually, we'll have the back-up one in the freezer.  And then, we will be sad.  Because it's gone.  I love lasagna.

I started on the ptarmigan charts.  Not hard at all, but I have to pay attention, so I can't knit while I watch the Olympics.  

Daphne made her class Valentines.  So great to get them done way ahead of time.  We just need one for her teacher, now.  She even made one for herself.

We took Daphne to see the Lego Movie to celebrate her good report card.  The movie was just OK.  But it inspired Daphne to make a triple-decker couch this morning.

For Sunday breakfast, we had cloud cakes.  Delicious, fluffy cloud cakes, using the last of the homemade ricotta.   If Food Network put me on that "The Best Thing I Ever Made" show, I'd probably tell about these.  You can read more here, and get the recipe.  HIGHLY recommended.

Kev turned our back door area from this:

to this:

Such an improvement.  Kev is awesome.

It just started to snow again, but I don't think it will last.

A few more hours of weekend left, so I'm off to enjoy them now.  But first, more LASAGNA!  

I heart lasagna!

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Gye Greene said...

Lasagne is indeed good.

Congrats to Kev on the tidying of the boots and coats.