Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Midweek Catch Up

We had a nice visit with G-Ma while she was here.  There was a lot of chicken tortilla soup, and she watched Daphne so that Kev and I could go to Cookology and learn to make delicious Jamaica Jerk Salmon (nobody burned their eyes!)  She also helped out at our big cookie booth on Saturday.  

The girls were awesome and sold 118 boxes of cookies which is double our best booth total from last year.  Yay!  Plus, they are really cute.

We went to breakfast at Shoes on Sunday, and it was warm enough for Daphne to wear The Poncho.  Yay, again!

We are all glad that grandma came to visit.  And we're looking forward to seeing her again during Spring Break.  Yay, a third time!

Sunday night, our little family went to Del Rio for delicious fajitas and disappointing fried ice cream.  Then we took a picture of ourselves with Quincy, Domo, and MamaLlama becaue Kev said that all the pictures I post are of food.

On Monday, I asked the 8 ball if winter was almost over.

And this is what happened on Tuesday:

But it melted as quickly as it arrived.

Tuesday afternoon, the Brownies went to Costco on a field trip.  It was pretty much the best field trip ever.

Free pens, hairnets, cookies, pizza, churros(!), and a backpack with a few goodies inside, plus a guided tour of the whole store plus behind the scenes access to the offices and breakroom, and a screaming contest in the soundproof hearing testing room.  A screaming contest!  They were allowed to scearm on purpose!  They each got an employee badge with their names on them.  Daphne wore hers to school today.  She wants to work at Costco.  When she's nine. As a cake decorator.  Thank you, Costco.  You are awesome. 

It snowed again this morning, and then it all melted again.  There have been no closings or delays at school this week.  But there is more winter weather on the horizon.  I can't figure out why, but for some reason I don't mind.  The past two winters have been such duds that I am fine with this one lasting a while longer.  More soup for me!

Tomorrow I am going to the dentist.  I fear the dentist almost as much as I fear the airplane.  I am not looking forward to it.  I know I will get news that I don't like.  But at least I won't have to get a shot in my eyeball, so that's something to be happy about I guess. to do something productive for a while.  

PS.  Dallas Buyer's Club is brilliant...see it if you can.  

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